I would appreciate your vote on November 6, 2018. This is a non-partisan election.

John Black for Mayor of La Grange
John Black for Mayor of La Grange

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"Home Is Where My Heart Is"

John Black for Mayor

Home is Where My Heart Is.

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Leadership • Experience • Vision

Dear Resident of La Grange

This website, is intended to provide the information you need to make a very important decision regarding who should be the next person to lead the City of La Grange. Please read and contact me (502-376-6799) with questions or ideas if you would like to discuss how La Grange can be improved.

Community Commitment

Through years of public service in our community, John Black has clearly demonstrated that he has the leadership, experience and vision to continue developing La Grange into the ‘best small city’ in Kentucky. He has the working knowledge necessary to manage a city – finance, public safety, economic development, infrastructure improvements, team-building and promotion. With his understanding of government, he will work effectively with local, state and federal officials -

He will be able to hit the ground running on Day One!

Priorities for La Grange

  • Responsible financial management –maintain city credit rating at highest standard
  • Supporting police in the protection of citizens and working to reduce illegal drugs
  • Work closely with city council to improve lines of communication
  • Create development plan for city portion of Commerce Parkway
  • Maintain the historical character of Downtown La Grange
  • Promote tourism by creating an attractive entrance to La Grange at I-71 – Hwy 53 intersection
  • Ensure all city-owned property is attractive and appropriately landscaped
  • Clean-up Highway 146 area opposite the Courts and Woodland Lakes subdivision
  • Upgrade city property at 2nd & Main – parking area, skate park & vacant lot
  • Construct permanent restroom on Commerce Parkway for persons using
  • shared use path
  • Promote community events to bring youth, families and neighbors together

John Black for Mayor brochure

Please take a few minutes to download this brochure and read about how John Black wants to make La Grange one of America's greatest small towns.